Dreams & Hopes Art Project - Video


Hello Art Project 2010 - "Nihao ma, Hello, Konnichiwa" from children in Taiwan to children in the world. The opening music by Tsu-Sheng Hsiung(Berklee College of Music), Art director Art Taro, Director Yuya Honda, the video project supported by Fu-Hsing Elementary School Tainan City, Taiwan.


Le Penseur

Title: "Le Penseur" - girls

Title: "Le Penseur" - boys


Description: Le Penseur means "The thinker" in English. The sound of the environment of Teibetan School in New York City.


This performing art work shows the sound of the enviironment in New York City. The sounds show natural noises of Tibetan School. Art Taro performs "The Thinker" on the center, and Tibetan students stand behind him.


Art Taro has worked with Tibetan School in New York and New Jersey since 2006, and he has exhibited art works of hope and dream by Tibetan New Yorkers in the world


The message is "think deeply".

This performing art video is the abstract art work and is inspired by Artist Auguste Rodin's "The thinker" and American composer John Cage's 4'33".

Appearance: Art Taro & Tibetan New Yorkers
Videgrapher Schooter McCrae

Editor Sean Chen

Actor Art Taro

Director Yuya Honda

Supported by The Tibetan Community of New York & New Jersey

Performing Art Dolphin

The conceptual performing art Dolphin
Art Taro New York Collections

Picture: Hayden Panettiere, Japanese Children, Shaman Calligrapher Ryowa Yamamura and Wladimir Klitschko - Tsurumiryokuchi Park, Osaka, Japan, 2010

Title: Performing Art Dolphin - Hayden Panettiere, Japanese Children, Shaman Calligrapher Ryowa Yamamura

Presented by Art Taro New York Collections

Children from Wakayama Prefecture, Hayden Leslie Panettiere(Actress) and Ryowa Yamamura(Shaman Calligrapher) perform "Dolphin" during the multiples of three.

Meaning of the performance includes a philosophy of Zen Buddhism by Koho School of Sumi-E in New York. Koho Yamamoto, who is one of the best Japanese Sumi-E Master in New York City, teaches Zen Buddhism. "When you draw Bamboo, you must become "Bamboo". Then, you feel heart of Bamboo, and you can draw great Bamboo."

Reference: "Be stupid during the multiples of three" by Atsumu Watanabe(Comedian)

Pictures by
"Can your ears hear?" - Documentary Film

Art Direct by Art Taro and Mikiko Hanaoka

Hayden Panettiere performed Dolphin with Children from Wakayam prefecture and
Japanese Shaman Calligrapher, Ryowa Yamamura.